IND VS NZ: Shubman Gill made a series of records in his innings of 208 runs, left behind Sachin to Kohli

Indian team’s young opener Shubman Gill played an inning of 208 runs against New Zealand. While scoring this double century, he left behind the great Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. Introduction In the first match of the ODI series against New Zealand, Shubman Gill played a record breaking innings. Gill, who came out to open … Read more

Sahara India: How much was deposited in SEBI’s account and how much is the liability?

Investors are caught in the tussle between Sahara India and SEBI. Lakhs of investors are waiting to know when they will get their deposits back. At the same time, SEBI has once again directed Sahara to deposit Rs 6.42 crore immediately. Sahara alleges that they have deposited the money of most of the investors with … Read more

5G became the reason for Nepal plane crash! Why are instructions given to keep the phone off in the plane?

Many people are telling the reason behind the accident in Nepal to 5G and Smartphone. In such a situation, let us know how much truth is there in these claims. Introduction New Delhi : A terrible plane crash took place in Nepal, in which 68 people have died. A video has surfaced of this accident, … Read more

Black Hole: ‘Hungry’ black hole ate the star, new ‘solar system’ made of dust.

Black Hole : A black hole swallows everything that comes near it. Its gravitational force is so strong that even light ‘breaks’ in it. Introduction Washington : Black holes are often called ‘hunters’ who swallow everything that comes close to them. They remain calm until a wandering star comes near them. When the star approaches … Read more

Rishabh Pant’s reaction for the first time after car accident, also update on surgery.

Rishabh Pant : Rishabh Pant, the young wicket-keeper batsman of the Indian team, is in the hospital. He was injured in a car accident on December 30 last year. He has undergone surgery in Mumbai. Now about 18 days after the accident, Pant’s response has come. Introduction Mumbai : Indian team’s wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant … Read more